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This seductive temptress was born for the art of love, delving into the subject passionately and eagerly from a young age. I started by reading novels, getting lost in stories of mystical Geisha's, erotic harems, and talented Courtesans from around the world.


Now a grown woman, I happily dedicate myself to hedonism and to all the pleasures available to man.   You will be instantly awed and enticed when we meet.


My petite figure is fit and voluptuous. Delicious arm candy that easily drapes into your arms. My playful laughter quickly puts you at ease. These pillowy soft lips, velvety olive skin, come-hither hazel eyes draw you in closer and closer.

Sophisticated style, book smarts, and natural sexuality also makes for the perfect companion for any environment or situation - be it the bedroom, vacation, or a dinner date.

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